Actively-involved dads make the world a better place

which is beneficial for everyone: dads, kids, moms, employers and the entire society.

I exercised my right to paternity leave with both of my kids. I think it's important that we dads are present, both in the delivery room and later on - changing the diapers and waking up in the middle of the night.

David Urankar

TV host, model and podcaster

How can we contribute to active involvement during fatherhood?

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The main aims of the project.

In Slovenia, changes regarding fatherhood can be observed on two levels: on the individual one, dads can be seen more actively involved in taking care of their kids compared to previous generations of dads; on the system level, there are family policy measures, concerned especially with paternity leave. This is exercised by dads to a large extent, while there are still very few dads who opt for the shared parental leave, transferring their share onto the child's mom instead. The majority of parents still believe the right to parental leave should in full be exercised by the child's mom; many employers also remain reluctant when it comes to dads taking days off in order to take care of their kids or babysit. In a work environment, men are rarely seen as being given the role of taking care of kids, which often results in issues when it comes to coordinating their work and family obligations.